2003 Closing Banquet

The closing banquet closes out the McNair Summer Research Internship. McNair staff, faculty mentors, WVU administrators, families attend this event to celebrate the scholars' successful completion of the six-week internship.

2003 Colloquium

Colloquial are opportunities for the McNair scholars to meet interesting people who have substantive knowledge in a particular field.

2003 Tennessee Conference

There are many McNair research conferences throughout the country every year. These conferences are opportunities for scholars to meet other researchers in their field, present their own research, and network with academic professionals.

2004 Symposium

McNair scholars present their research proposals at the symposium to close the six-week summer internship.

2010 Baltimore Cultural Dinner 2011 Cultural Dinner
2012 May Graduation 2013 Orientation 2013 Penn State Visit
2013 University of Maryland Conference 2013 UPitt Visit 2014 Cultural Dinner
2014 McNair Research Symposium 2014 Summer Research Symposium

Photos from scholars' presentations, presentation of certificates, and the luncheon.

2015 Graduation Luncheon for McNair Scholars
2015 Research Symposium 30th Anniversary of the Challenger -2016

On the 28th of January ,2016 McNair Scholars program commemorated the 30th Anniversary of the challenger tragedy.

Buffalo Conference 2010
Buffalo Conference 2014

Scholars' trip to University of Buffalo in July 2014

Campus Visits

The McNair scholars attend campus visits in order to meet graduate faculty in their area of interest and to familiarize themselves with graduate school.

Captain Jon McBride's Lecture
Chinese Cultural Dinner 2012 Chinese Cultural Dinner 2013 Chinese New Year 2015

Scholars celebrated Chinese/Lunar New Year at Peking House and watching a show at the Creative Arts Center.

Commemorating the 28th Challenger Anniversary Conference Conferences
Cultural Visits

Cultural visits are important for broadening the world view of our McNair scholars and showing them that their horizons are infinite.

December 2013 Graduation Dinner December 2015 Graduation
Don Asher Fall 2014 Cultural Dinner

Scholars and mentors enjoyed Japanese and Korean cuisine at Ogawa.

Graduation Dinner 2008

McNair Scholars Program held a graduation dinner on December 2008 for winter graduates.

Graduation Dinner 2010 Graduation Luncheon May 2013 May 2014 Graduation
McNair Staff 2014 Newsletter OSU trip II 06-29-10
OSU visit 06-28-10 Recruitment

Every year, the McNair Program seeks to recruit new and qualified scholars throughout the fall semester at different locations on campus.

Summer Internship

Every year, McNair scholars attend a 6-week summer internship that is intensive and broad in what is taught: Research methods, writing skills, etiquette, GRE prep, graduation school application, and more.

TRiO Day 2015

Scholars practiced their presentations for the University of Maryland McNair Conference and celebrated TRiO Day.

University of Maryland Conference 2015

Scholars presented their research at the National McNair Conference at the University of Maryland.

University of Pittsburgh 2011 Webpage slideshow