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First student to earn Doctorate

Dr. Angela (Derk) Grabuloff, 2001 McNair Scholar

The WVU McNair Scholars Program changes lives, period.

The program overall has a wonderful and challenging mission but the WVU chapter has wonderful leadership and amazing students that make it soar, and I confidently claim this for many reasons. I was the first student to earn her Doctorate for the program, served as one of its Graduate Assistants, and wrote my dissertation on the McNair Scholars Programs, interviewing many WVU McNair Scholars. It greatly empowered me to reach my full potential and now, as a high school history teacher, I promote awareness of the program and its overall goals, primarily to help increase awareness to everyone of all educational possibilities. I am a better teacher due to the many skills I learned as a McNair Scholar and love being able to share knowledge and skills with the youth who are about to enter the collegiate setting. I am passionate about preparing students to be successful at the higher education level and I'm confident I can do this well, thanks to the preparation I received from the WVU McNair Scholars Program.