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2002 McNair Alumni Abstracts

Seema Aggarwal

HIV/AIDS in Women: A Study of The Bungoma District of Western Kenya

Amisha Dean

An Examination of Stress Levels in College Student Athletes and Non-athletes

Gino Degregori

Exploratory Study of the Representation, Recruitment and Retention of Hispanics in US IT Employment: Conceptual Model and Research Design

Christa Dodd

Behavioral Problems Among Pediatric Burn Patients

Serena Gibson

Reactions of College Students to Participating in Traumatic Stress Research

Jonathan E Glover

Black Studies in Cyberspace – Conceptualizing History and Technology

Wenda A. Harris

“Come kiss and be kissed”: Caribbean culture in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God

Jodie Hoover

Climatic Influence on the Fire History of Ponderosa Pine (pinus Ponderosa) Forests on the East Slope of the Cascades in Washington State

Teresa Jones

The Influence of Peer Relationships, Media Influence, and Racial Identity on African American females

Lauren Pizza

Community Bank’s Influence on Rural Development: A Case Study of Clay County, West Virginia

Stefanie Puher

A Comparative Study on the Relationship of Major Cardiovascular Diseases and Lifestyle Factors between the Twentieth Century and the Year 2000 in Preston County, West Virginia

Angela Schaffer

An Examination of the Impact of First Clinical Experiences o BSN Students’ Perceptions of the Nursing Profession

Laura Steele

Elementary Students’ Written Responses to Poetry: Exploring the Concepts of Entertainment and Empathy

Gabe Tapia

Patterns in Systems of Congruence Relations

Gina Zirilli

Sex on TV: A Content Analysis of Television’s Sexual Relationships