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2003 McNair Alumni Abrstracts


Nicole Bono

Effects of Disclosure of Muscle Performance Genotype on the Self-Concepts of Individuals

Jon Michael Bosley

Monitoring Mining Related Disturbance in Southern West Virginia: A Remote Sensing Case Study

Amber Davis

Pain, Fear and Anxiety: A Multidimensional Scaling Method of Affective Concepts

Donald Hill

Mutual Fund Analysis and Selection Efficiency for Individual Investors

Rose Mazza

Domestic Fascism in “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”: An Analysis of Authority and Power in Lorca Pre-Franco Spain

Adrian Thompson

Separate but Equal: An Examination of Existing Scales for Inner-City and At-Risk Children

Daniel Trejo

Living in Balance: A Native American Approach to Psychological Healing

Patricia Underwood

Critical Inquiry: Looking Beyond the Surface

Brianne Williams

Magnetic Enhancement of Pool Boiling in Microgravity

Christopher Williamson

School Consolidation in Six Southwestern West Virginia Counties: A Policy Analysis of School Consolidation and Educational Achievement

Jonathan Young

The Effect of Zoning on Residential Option Value